Experience the pinnacle of sustainable living with Rolling Bear Tiny Homes' Fraser Bear: a haven of sophistication and eco-friendly design.

Rolling Bear Tiny Homes' Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge is Cozy.
Small home expert Rolling Bear Tiny Homes proudly offers the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge. This lodge offers families luxury, charm, and functionality in British Columbia's stunning landscapes. The Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge BC is a great place to make memories with family, whether you're camping or living there.

The Cinnamon Bear family lodge in bc

  • Compact Luxury: 320 sq. ft. of optimized space, balancing a spacious main floor with an optional loft for added versatility.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Clean lines and contemporary design elements harmonize to create an inviting, state-of-the-art living space.
  • Exceeds Standards: Surpasses CAD Z240 RV and Canadian Building Code guidelines
  • NOAH Certification Ready: Built to surpass NOAH certification standards, certification ready
  • Efficient Layout: An ingenious arrangement maximizes space and integrates clever storage options without sacrificing style.
  • Quality Materials: Only the finest materials are selected for durability and aesthetic appeal, from the insulation to the interior finishes.
  • Climate Smart: Equipped with advanced climate control systems to ensure year-round comfort with minimal energy footprint.
  • Durable Exterior: Crafted with premium materials designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, suitable for different foundations.
  • Tech-Ready: Pre-installed with the infrastructure for smart home technology and additional modern conveniences for an enhanced living experience.

Cinnamon Bear Floor Plan

Luxurious Space: Generously proportioned kitchen, living area, private bedroom, and a deluxe bathroom.

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Cinnamon Bear Specs

  • Exceeds Standards: Surpasses CAD Z240 RV and Canadian Building Code guidelines
  • NOAH Certification Ready: Built to surpass NOAH certification standards, certification ready


  • Main bedroom designed for maximum comfort and style
  • Optional second loft bedroom or dedicated storage space
  • Elevated living room design for an expanded spatial experience
  • Multiple stair designs for functional elegance
  • Loft: A multi-purpose loft space providing additional living or storage capacity
  • Roof & Walls: Built with materials to endure diverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity
  • Electrical: State-of-the-art electrical system that meets all safety and efficiency standards
  • Interior: Luxuriously appointed with high-quality materials and stylish design accents for a modern lifestyle
  • Flooring: Durable and elegant flooring options tailored to enhance the home's aesthetic
  • Tech: Advanced technological features that cater to convenience and smart home functionality
  • Heating: Efficient heating system that guarantees comfort in cooler climates
  • Water: Reliable water system design that provides consistent access to clean water
  • Appliances: High-standard appliances included to ensure convenience and ease of use
  • Delivery: Hassle-free delivery and setup services available

All Families Are Welcome at Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge

Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge is developed to meet family needs. With vast furnishings and several sleeping places, this lodge promotes family togetherness and individual space. The open-plan concept has a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, and enough storage, making it easy for families to relax.

Most Comfortable and Functional

Though small, the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge has many comforts and conveniences. Strong and durable, each lodge is made with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Intelligent space use provides all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay. We have nice guestrooms and a fully working kitchen at Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge.

Enjoying British Columbia's Beauty

British Columbia's gorgeous nature suits the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge BC. This lodge, built for the region's temperature and terrain, is comfortable and durable year-round. Rolling Bear Tiny Homes uses eco-friendly materials and sustainable building methods to make the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge BC a warm and environmentally friendly refuge.

Versatile living

In the highlands, by a lake, or in a busy metropolis, the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge can adapt. The flexible design makes it excellent for family holidays, weekend escapes, or permanent living. The lodge makes living flexible to suit your family's demands and lifestyle.

Rolling Bear Tiny Homes Enhance Family Life.

In British Columbia, the Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge by Rolling Bear Tiny Homes gives families an unmatched compact living experience. The lodge offers comfort, elegance, and functionality in a beautiful, eco-friendly package for short-term or long-term stays. Explore Rolling Bear Tiny Homes' Cinnamon Bear Family Lodge and make memories today.

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