Lodge Series

Lodge Series

The Lodge Series is a blend of rustic charm and modern living. These homes range from 320 to 700+ square feet and echo the design of traditional cabins with the added benefit of mobility. They offer spacious interiors that balance the coziness of a cottage with the functionality of a full-sized home. Each lodge is designed for those who seek the comfort of a fixed abode but with the unique advantage of relocating as they wish.

Lodge Series Breakdown


Solo Retreat Lodges (LS-SRL)

These lodges are perfect for individuals or couples who desire a snug and intimate space. These models prioritize comfort and efficiency, providing just enough room for a comfortable living experience without excess. They're ideal for those looking to downsize or seeking a peaceful retreat.

Cub Bear Panda Bear

Family Haven Lodges (LS-FHL)

These lodges cater to small families or those needing an extra room for guests. They strike a balance between communal living areas and private spaces, providing room for activities as well as personal retreat. Their versatility makes them suitable for permanent residences, vacation homes, or rental properties.

Fraser Bear Cinnamon Bear

Community Cottage Lodges (LS-CCL)

These lodges are the pinnacle of the series, designed for larger families or groups who need more space. These lodges often feature expanded living areas, multiple sleeping areas, and ample storage, making them well-suited for long-term living, hosting gatherings, or even larger groups.

Black Bear

Each model within the Lodge Series is crafted to address distinct living needs, providing the flexibility to choose a home that matches your lifestyle while ensuring that comfort and quality are never compromised.

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