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Bear Facts - Q & A's  - (this is where we answer your frequently asked questions)

Naturally if you don't see your questions answered here and you would like a one on one conversation please feel free to Contact Us, we are only to happy to answer any queries you may have and listen to your creative ideas you want to bring to life for your Tiny Home. 

1/ Q – What are Tiny Homes?

A – In general, tiny homes are smaller homes that are built 500 square feet or less, some as much as 600 square feet. Tiny Homes are commonly built on certified trailers although they are also built on an approved base structure to be craned to the concrete foundation or built on concrete slab on owned property.

2/ Q – Are Tiny Homes just a fad or a novelty to eventually fade out?

A – On the contrary, Tiny homes are in fact the future for a more affordable and minimalist way of living. The USA, Canada and many other Countries are creating and promoting Tiny Home living. People of all ages are buying Tiny homes as bigger organizations and the rising cost of real estate continue to make it more difficult for the majority of people to live a happier more fruitful life.

3/ Q – Are Tiny homes worth the investment?

A – Yes, on many levels they are worth the investment. Rent costs are skyrocketing, better to pay towards a building you own. When comparing the money you save per month, and the fact Tiny Homes are built on average to last 30 years, factor in your alternative costs struggling to own much higher costs of real estate. Living a more manageable life better decisions are made over time also allowing for happier memories with more time to spend living.

4/ Q – Can Tiny Homes be used for Air B N B?

A – Absolutely! For those who already own their home, they are renting out their home and living on their land in Tiny Homes. Each municipality differs on whether it is permitted or not. Many Tiny Homes are being used to rent out on private properties and recreational land. There are ways to make this happen creatively.

5/ Q – Can I have my Tiny Homes custom built?

A – Most manufacturers do not do custom builds simply because it is more time consuming and expensive. Within reason Rolling Bears is very open and welcomes you to choose your floor design, colors and type of appliances. All serious buyers are welcomed to set up an appointment to decide your wants and needs.

6/ Q – Does a Tiny Home have to be on a trailer?

A – Tiny Homes on wheels seems to be the more popular until people are realizing they can be built and craned to a foundation on your property. Ask us for details.

7/ Q – Are Tiny Homes safe?

A – All Tiny Homes must be built by a builder familiar with the building codes. They are built like a regular residential home although much smaller. Depending on where you live, each town and municipality have different restrictions, some not as strict. There are different certifications and requirements for each. Considering the size, a good builder can build to higher standards.

8/ Q - How do we connect to hydro, septic and water?

A – Your Tiny Home can be connected similar to an RV at an RV site or it can be designed to be set up on a private property. A water hose, septic, and your local hydro connection (above ground or below). Hooking up to your regular sewage system and option as well.

9/ Q - What if there is no septic or it is too expensive or troublesome to acquire a septic?

A – Compost toilets have come along way in design and being practical. This is certainly a good option today!

10/ Q – Can a Tiny Home be financed?

A – Like a normal mortgage for a residential home, Tiny Homes are being financed by more and more financial institutions including major banks. Without using existing collateral, a good credit rating and one of two certifications from the building manufacturer are required to finance your tiny home with regular monthly or bi-weekly payments.

11/ Q – Are Tiny Homes a pathway to financial independence?

A – People are finding that because it is so much more affordable to live in a Tiny Home or use it as an Air BNB, the opportunity to save more and or invest your money else where creates a more comfortable future.

12/ Q – What kind of truck do I need to tow my Tiny Home?

A – Depending on the size, weight and width of your Tiny Home, the size of truck, engine and suspension will differ. Any truck from a ¾ ton to a average size tow truck are required to haul your Tiny Home to its destination. Most Tiny Homes are being towed to a place of being permanent so type of truck and its expense will differ.