Luxury Living with Nature

Generations of European Quality Craftsmanship

"We Build to Suit Our Clients!"

LUXURY LIVING with NATURE, devised and branded in 2017. Rolling Bear Tiny Homes is a close knit family of highly qualified licensed tradesmen mostly of European decent and building background. We have a combined skilled experience of well over 100 years between us.  

We are LOCATED near White Rock BC, by the USA truck border on Hwy 15. Our first successful soft launch with Media, after considerable research introduced our flagship, the BLACK BEAR Tiny Home. Over 400 sq ft of small home luxury in 2017. We are best known for our high quality unique Rustic/Modern interiors and exterior metal with a log cabin appeal. 

Our love, passion and listening ear with our clients has gained the respect of people and professionals as one of the leading Tiny Home builders in British Columbia. We are now slowly venturing into Ontario. 
As you can see above in the photos posted left to right, The Cub, The Panda, The Skylar, The Koala, The Kodiak and The Honeycomb, were all designed with a vision for Luxury Living with Nature. We chose to go with a rustic modern cabin feel because of our love of the West Coast and beautiful forests of British Columbia. We are constantly inspired by our clients who gravitate towards us with the same love for Nature. 

Why Choose Us?

We are conscientious, disciplined and proud of each unique Rolling Bear Tiny Home leaving our construction yard. Quality materials and workmanship towards structure and unseen detail is as important as the finished appeal. 

We are all about passion, people and purpose. With many unique designs completed for happy and satisfied clients, our eyes and ears are wide open to create and imagine the best design most suited to you. 

We are not focused on being the biggest manufacturer, we are focused on being the BEST.

          John Beck - Founder/Owner 

Some of the Special Features Rolling Bear Tiny Homes are known for 

 Gorgeous wrap around decks available

       Extend your inside living to the outside

        Signature high ceiling Trusses

      Even if you are Tall you'll feel comfortable

   Spacious Kitchen with lots of Storage

      Retro Stove, Farm House Sink, Full Fridge

The retail price for our Rolling Bear Tiny Homes range from $59,000 to $199,000 depending on selected options such as solar panels...jacuzzi tub...and other deluxe features. 

The cost to build your Tiny Home will be discussed in detail with serious interested, qualified Buyers. We have a strong passion for building high end quality Tiny Homes on wheels or without wheels for your Recreational lot or existing Residential lot. 

Choosing the right home with the needs and wants that best suit YOU is not always an easy process. This is why we strongly recommend a specific time to meet and discuss the details of your building design. This can be done in person or by zoom call to properly communicate your ideas to achieve your best design at the best possible price. 

Looking For Financing? 

Contact us to discuss designing your Rolling Bear Tiny Home, we'll go over it's cost and then you can submit your financial information to get approval. This can be for a NEW build or a Tiny Home we have ready for sale. 

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We'd love to hear from you! - Dawn & John